BNS 186 Zer0Doxy


Curb appeal


Left Sidescreenshot-894

Right Sidescreenshot-895

2nd floor top downscreenshot-892

First floor top downscreenshot-893


Entry wayscreenshot-897

Living Areascreenshot-898

Hall to Bathroom, Upstairs and Guest Roomscreenshot-899


Guest room (A respite from the red)screenshot-900screenshot-901

Upper Hallscreenshot-904

Doxy’s Bedroomscreenshot-907screenshot-908

Doxy’s Officescreenshot-905screenshot-906


2017 Write ups


One of the best parts of this job was how frequently you got to meet new, and interesting people. Your latest client, Mallory Abbot, is no exception.

A short young lady with a cheerful smile, accented by a lip ring, sits across from you. She bubbles with an excitement and enthusiasm that couldn’t help but charm you. Repeatedly she brushes her remarkably long hair, dark brown with two blonde streaks in the front, back over her shoulders.

“So, yeah. This is my first real home. I’ve always lived in apartments and I’m so looking forward to being able to stay in my own place for longer than a minute.” She said happily. “I’m new to the town and I’ve heard from a TON of people that you’re the person to see when it comes to starting out.”

You smile with pleasure, always delighted to hear that people are talking about your work. “I might have a little bit of experience with it.”

She giggles, “Oh jeez.”

“So what would you like in a home?” You inquire, clicking your pen.

“Well, I don’t have a big budget. But I’d really love to have 2 bedrooms. I have 3 cats, so I need room for them to roam. I have a few friends who might move in with me later, so I need space for the house to get bigger. I also like to cook so a decent kitchen would be great. I’m a streamer so I need an office.”

“A streamer?” you ask, a little confused. The pictures that pop up in your head are…odd to say the least.

“I live stream games on under the name Zer0Doxy. I also make videos for Youtube. People come and watch me play and hangout in chat. Its how I pay my bills.” She explains with the patience of someone whose had to explain this a lot. Then proudly she states, “My chat is the best chat in the world. Anyway, I need a great office where I can stream and make videos. Here’s the complicated part: my haunted computer just finally fried itself. I need a new one to fit into the budget.”

“And what exactly is your budget?”

Real Talk: We’re doing something really unique for you guys this time around. Zer0Doxy is an actual live streamer who plays a lot of Sims, as well as other games. We’ve made arrangements with her to have the builds submitted for this challenge featured on one of her live streams! We will be sure to post when the live stream will be so that everyone can be there as she looks at your creations.  Because its a little different, PLEASE BE SURE TO SAY WHETHER YOU WANT YOUR CREATION SHOWN ON STREAM OR NOT ON YOUR ENTRY FORM. If you don’t say one way or another, it will be counted in the Do Not Show on Stream category.


Sims3: $16,500   Sims 4: $20,000. (These are the starting budgets for the games for one Sim.)

2 bedroom

At least 1 bath


New Computer

Good kitchen

Good sized lot for future expansion.



Protected: 2016 Write Ups

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BNS166 Alien Encounters

First modern build in a long time. Outside views. All pictures can be clicked on for larger sizes.

Screenshot-838 Screenshot-839 Screenshot-840 Screenshot-841

This one is one of the secret exits.

Screenshot-842 Screenshot-843 Screenshot-844 Screenshot-845

Entry way


Interior, first level. Color scheme throughout the build is medium grey, platinum grey, chrome and blue.

Screenshot-847 Screenshot-848 Screenshot-849 Screenshot-850 Screenshot-851 Screenshot-852Screenshot-855

1st floor half bath and laundry

Screenshot-853 Screenshot-854

Back porch, 1st level

Screenshot-856 Screenshot-857Screenshot-859 Screenshot-860

Basement Master Suite

Screenshot-861 Screenshot-862 Screenshot-863 There is a secret exit behind the fireplace/tv combo. Fireplace slides to the side and exit leads through the foundation. (Or at least that’s what I tried to represent. Wish it worked.)

Master Bath

Screenshot-869 Screenshot-870Screenshot-871 Screenshot-872Screenshot-873 Screenshot-874Secret exit between the two wardrobes. Screenshot-875

Retinal scanner and secret door hidden behind mirrors that leads to the treasure room


Back porch, basement floor

Screenshot-864 Screenshot-865

Back yard terraces

Screenshot-866 Screenshot-867 Screenshot-868

Secret elevator, leading to the treasure room.

Screenshot-879 Screenshot-880 Screenshot-881 Screenshot-882 Screenshot-883

Overhead Shots

Screenshot-884 Screenshot-885 Screenshot-886 Screenshot-887

BNS 165 Ryunoten, Attorneys at Law

Overhead shots

Screenshot-791 Screenshot-792 Screenshot-793

Front entrance


Screenshot-794 Screenshot-796

Screenshot-798 Screenshot-799

Foyer/ Reception/ Waiting room

Screenshot-800 Screenshot-801 Screenshot-802 Screenshot-803

East Hallway

The door at the end of the hallway is Evangeline’s private entrance.

Screenshot-804 Screenshot-805 Screenshot-806


Screenshot-807 Screenshot-808 Screenshot-809 Screenshot-810 Screenshot-811

Michael and Evangeline’s private bathroom

Screenshot-812 Screenshot-813 Screenshot-814

Michael’s Office

Screenshot-815 Screenshot-816 Screenshot-817

Evangeline’s Office

Screenshot-818 Screenshot-819 Screenshot-820 Screenshot-821

West Hallway

Screenshot-822 Screenshot-823 Screenshot-831

Conference Room

Screenshot-824 Screenshot-825 Screenshot-826 Screenshot-827

Kitchen/ Lunch Room

Screenshot-828 Screenshot-829 Screenshot-830

Men’s Bathroom

Screenshot-832 Screenshot-833

Women’s Bathroom

Screenshot-834 Screenshot-835

Building Sides

Screenshot-836 Screenshot-837

BNS 163 Life after Uni

Exterior Shots

Screenshot-743 Screenshot-744 Screenshot-745 Screenshot-746 Screenshot-747 Screenshot-748 Screenshot-749 Screenshot-756Screenshot-750 Screenshot-751



Screenshot-752 Screenshot-753 Screenshot-754 Screenshot-755

Overhead Shots

Screenshot-757 Screenshot-758 Screenshot-759

Living Area

Screenshot-760 Screenshot-761 Screenshot-762 Screenshot-763 Screenshot-764 Screenshot-765 Screenshot-766 Screenshot-767 Screenshot-768 Screenshot-769 Screenshot-770

Master Bedroom

Screenshot-771 Screenshot-772 Screenshot-773

Master Bath

Screenshot-774 Screenshot-775 Screenshot-776


Screenshot-777 Screenshot-778


Screenshot-779 Screenshot-780

Guest Bedroom

Screenshot-781 Screenshot-782 Screenshot-783

Guest Bath

Screenshot-784 Screenshot-785


Screenshot-786 Screenshot-789 Screenshot-790

The Innkeepers

Scarborough house, outside views

Screenshot-601 Screenshot-602 Screenshot-603 Screenshot-604 Screenshot-605 Screenshot-606 Screenshot-607 Screenshot-608 Screenshot-609 Screenshot-610 Screenshot-611 Screenshot-612 Screenshot-613

Walkway Approach


Screenshot-614 Screenshot-615 Screenshot-616 Screenshot-617 Screenshot-618 Screenshot-619 Screenshot-620

Front Porch


Screenshot-621 Screenshot-622 Screenshot-623 Screenshot-624

Inside, main floor


Screenshot-626 Screenshot-627 Screenshot-628 Screenshot-641


Stairway to Innkeepers Quarters


Elevator to Basement and 2nd floor, Powder Room


Office Nook


Lounge, main floor

Screenshot-625 Screenshot-629 Screenshot-630 Screenshot-631

Dining Room, main floor

Screenshot-632 Screenshot-633 Screenshot-634

Kitchen, Main Floor

Screenshot-635 Screenshot-636 Screenshot-637 Screenshot-638 Screenshot-640

Back Deck



Screenshot-648 Screenshot-649 Screenshot-650

Yoga Room

Screenshot-651 Screenshot-652

Laundry Room

Screenshot-653 Screenshot-654

Gym Bathroom

Screenshot-655 Screenshot-656


Screenshot-657 Screenshot-658

Game Room

Screenshot-659 Screenshot-660

2nd Floor Landing

Screenshot-661 Screenshot-663

Landing with Private Elevator to 3rd floor Honeymoon Suite


3rd Floor hallway

Screenshot-664 Screenshot-665 Screenshot-666

Guest Bedroom 1

Screenshot-667 Screenshot-668 Screenshot-669

Guest Bath 1

Screenshot-670 Screenshot-671 Screenshot-672 Screenshot-673

Guest Bedroom 2

Screenshot-674 Screenshot-675 Screenshot-676

Guest Bathroom 2

Screenshot-677 Screenshot-678 Screenshot-679

Premium Suite

Screenshot-680 Screenshot-681 Screenshot-682 Screenshot-683

Premium Suite Private Balcony

Screenshot-684 Screenshot-685 Screenshot-686

Premium Suite Bathroom

Screenshot-687 Screenshot-688 Screenshot-689

Guest Room 3


Screenshot-690 Screenshot-691

Guest Bath 3


Screenshot-692 Screenshot-693

Honeymoon Suite Elevator, accessible only with the Room Key



Honeymoon Suite

Screenshot-696 Screenshot-697 Screenshot-698 Screenshot-699 Screenshot-700

Honeymoon Suite, Dressing Room

Screenshot-701 Screenshot-702 Screenshot-703

Honeymoon Suite Bathroom

Screenshot-704 Screenshot-705 Screenshot-706 Screenshot-707 Screenshot-708

Innkeepers Quarters, Landing

Screenshot-709 Screenshot-710

Innkeepers Quarters, Main Room


Screenshot-711 Screenshot-712 Screenshot-713 Screenshot-721 Screenshot-722

Innkeepers Quarters, Bedroom


Screenshot-715 Screenshot-716 Screenshot-717

Innkeepers Quarters, Bathroom

Screenshot-718 Screenshot-719 Screenshot-720

Basement level Garage

Screenshot-723 Screenshot-724 Screenshot-725

Basement level, Lobby, Elevator to Main floor and 2nd Floor


Screenshot-726 Screenshot-728

Basement Pub/ Fun Room


Screenshot-729 Screenshot-730 Screenshot-731 Screenshot-732 Screenshot-733 Screenshot-734 Screenshot-735 Screenshot-736 Screenshot-737

Basement Massage Room

Screenshot-738 Screenshot-739

Basement Spa Room

Screenshot-740 Screenshot-741

I know I forgot the overhead views, but I didn’t have time to go back and get them before leaving on a weekend trip. Will add when I return.

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