Build N Share #188-189 10×10 Eco-Chic

Dear Ms Green,
I am delighted to let you know that your home has been completed. It has all the requirements you detailed:
– Sustainable, natural materials
– A nature inspired palette
– Small
– 2 Stories
– Open Concept First Floor with Dining for 2
– Bedroom and Bath on the Second Floor

We were able to work with the contractors and add a small half bath on the first floor. I think you will be very pleased with the results.


When researching eco-friendly homes, adobe was listed as one of the top building materials. With this in mind, I turned to the SouthWest for inspiration in planning your home. To ensure plenty of power, 2 Wind Turbines and 6 solar panels were installed. Excess power generated can be sold back to the power grid, assisting the county in using fewer resources.

Dont worry. The fence surrounding the small vegetable garden on the right is made of reclaimed wood. On the left side we worked with a local landscaper, who suggested heather as a ground cover, instead of a typical lawn. Heather is both attractive and smells good, but will be nearly maintenance free. We also added a small flower garden to help attract bees and humming birds for pollinating.

The window boxes on the top and bottom floors feature herbs and plants to make your veggies taste even better. The walkway and bike pad are made of natural slate steps, left over from one of our other projects.

Throughout the home you will find that there are many items that have been repurposed, finished or recycled into a new life.

Screenshot-74 Screenshot-75

We trained ivy onto trellises to provide nesting sites for local birds. What could be better than waking up to their song on a sunny morning? Perhaps following up that serenade with a trip to the beach…


You are easily close enough to bike there. The lot is in a prime location for you to bike or walk downtown as well.

Moving inside…Here is the first floor layout.


You don’t need to worry, the floors and stair cases are made of refinished and lacquered material from old barns.

(Authors note: I know cut away walls are a faux pas, but its the only way I could get decent interior shots of the rooms.)


Here spring is our inspiration for the palette, with sky blue, soft pink and creamy white. The furniture was reupholstered for you after being refinished. The remaining material was used as a decorative border on the walls.


The TV was purchased from the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. It’s an older model but works perfectly and gets National Geographic, the Animal Planet and a variety of other channels. The cabinet it’s in was also purchased from the ReStore. It was modified and refinished for this purchase.


The rugs were custom-made for your home. Both upstairs and down stairs rugs are made of hemp, hand-woven and dyed with all natural dyes. They will provide years of beauty to come. Both bookshelf and desk were found on the internet and refinished to match the color scheme. The lamps were all purchased from a japanese resteraunt that was going out of business.

Dont worry, all paint and varnishes are low VOC and biodegradable.


As requested, your kitchen features only the basics. The counters, oven, chairs, and sofa were a patio/ outdoor kitchen set. We refinished them, and (though it may be hard to tell in the pictures) tiled them with left overs from the bathroom. Speaking of…


In both bathrooms we installed a composting toilet. The sink is a gem from an antique shop, with new curtains to hide the necessary clutter.


We tiled the floor for ease of cleaning with a mosaic of natural rock. The same rock was carried up onto the lower half of the wall. As I mentioned earlier, the excess was used to tile your counters and dining table.

A 2 story spiral stair case takes you up to your bedroom, and down to the basement we put in. Earth from the basement was used to make the adobe of your walls. Since the basement is a surprise for the end, lets go upstairs.


Here the palette brings sunset or dawn inside.


Once more handwoven rugs warm your floors and a light from the resteraunt light the way. Since the wallpaper chosen reminded me so much of a birch forest, I added a leaf pattern to the bed and carried the green to your curtains. The bedside tables are actually refinished wooden crates for storage. Theres more storage under the bed. The door leads out to your terrace…


..where you have a bench, herbs and potted trees. Our landscaper said that the trees can be transferred into the ground in another year or two. The herbs are in the wall boxes and the hanging pots.


As the sunset/sunrise inspired the bedroom, the misty grey of a rainy day inspired the bathroom. Cool and soothing the wall paper is textured to look like falling rain. Those same tones are picked up again in the water efficient sink and shower. We avoided a bathtub since they are not water friendly. The toilet is a composting toilet like the one downstairs. White ceramic is a long lasting, durable material that brightens up the space, and ties in with the whimsical sign on the wall.


Now, back down the staircase and on down into the basement…


And into your own personal lab!


Here we chose soft tones, so as to make the area soothing, with plenty of clean white counterspace for a streamlined look. As you can see you have alot of storage space.


On the all four walls we added more greenery, with small lights to make sure that they will thrive. The greenery will not only keep the air fresh in the lab but provide food/ fodder/ etc, for whatever specimens you bring home with you.


Not knowing what your particular research style is we felt it best to add a chemistry table. Just in case. If there is anything else you’d like us to add, please let me know.

Warmest wishes…


Heather in her new home!


This is Heather…



Weeding in her garden…


Catching butterflies and loving it…


Meeting Duncan McLaren…


Meeting Mary Merriweather…


Taking a dip in the ocean…


Ordering some cupcakes…


Reading at home after a busy day…


Admiring her collection…


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