Build n Share #190-191 DuTrieux Pied a Terre

This is Oliver DuTrieux. He is an Over Emotional, Workaholic, Snob, Hopeless Romantic and Great Kisser. His lifetime wish is to be a World Renowned Surgeon. His favorites (Randomly generated) are Frog Legs, Classical and Purple. For the most part he was randomly generated and then tweaked, hence the odd eye and hair color.


Oliver smiled as he pulled up to the curb in the airport’s grey sedan. The apartment building looked every bit as charming as he was told by the architect. It was not his elegant home in France, but it was appealing.

1 2

The marriage of wood and stone suggested warmth, wealth and stability right from the gate. He was glad to see it was a gated apartment complex. Thefts were distracting from his work.


Simple grey brick pathways gave subtle directions as to where his feet could go. And the free-floating archways? Well that was definitely unique. Turning to the left and the right as he walked slowly under the archways, he saw elegant and colorful formal gardens. Raised beds in the center highlighted cheerful fountains, while flowering bushes softened the grey stone fencing.

5 6 7

In the corner of the right side garden, beneath a cherry tree in bloom, a small wooden gate led to a deck of some kind. He would have to explore the amenities extolled by Ishtar Architectural and Interior Design later. For now all He wanted was a meal and a bed.


In Oliver’s mind it was always a good sign when the first thing seen upon entering a building was a beautiful piece of art. Of course the fact that it was a statue of an equally beautiful woman didn’t hurt either. It and the crystal lamps and pressed tin added richness to a pleasantly modern color scheme.


Through plate-glass windows and doors he could see a workout room to the left…


and an indoor pool to the right. That was an even better sign. He wouldn’t have to waste money or time finding a gym membership while he was there. Ishtar had mentioned that all facilities were included in the price of his apartment.


The mailbox and call box were both enclosed in wood and set discreetly on the wall. As he waited for the elevator, he studied the frame, noting it had been custom-made to match the rest of the lobby.


The lobby scheme continued on the second floor hallway. Too bad the big windows didn’t have a better view, but oh well. Oliver frowned, the waste chute was rather close to his door and less than hidden. Still, a palm plant in a metal planter would hide it from view. He didn’t want his Caroline to be turned off by it being right there.


It was nice to see that one of those darling crystal wall lamps was situated right next to his door at Number 2, Sunnyside Apartments. ‘Nothing worse than opening a door to a dark lobby. You never knew what kind of barbarians were waiting to trouble you…’ He thought, as he opened the door and stepped in.


Storm blue walls contrasted by white woodwork with twisted detail…


…warmed by oak and pine and brightened by his favorite color…


With the high-tech triple play of massage chair, flat screen and sound system! A top of the line laptop had been placed on his desk just as requested.


And the artwork! On every wall Oliver saw beautiful, unique and eclectic works of art.


The 4 poster bed was surely luxurious enough to please anyone without being too girly for a man.  The reflective night stands and panels, both in the bed and the sturdy desk, blended a romantic and modern design elements.


The half wall was patterned with the same wall paper as the feature wall behind his desk.


Instead of a small table in the small space, counter seating with intricate lattice-work. Ishtar’s eye for detail even included ceiling medallions around the sparkling crystal lights! Every piece spoke of elegance and high quality.


He did wish that the bathroom was bigger, perhaps with a bath to soak in after a long day in the surgery theatre. But the vibrant purple would give him a burst of energy in the morning, while the white tile and sparkling glass was sterile and clean, just like he liked things. And there was even art in here.


Oliver stepped back out of his bathroom and spotted the bottle of wine, standing beside 2 glasses, ready to be shared with his beautiful Caroline.




Oliver was overjoyed.


And the bed was as comfortable as he could have hoped.


Oliver woke early the next morning, his internal clock still set to French time. Since he had time before work, he headed back down to the lobby to check out the amenities there.


The unique turquoise stone and wood of the lobby carried into the clean white workout room. There was a flat screen on the wall, to entertain whoever was working out on the machines.


In the back corner he saw a little juice bar, with a whimsical palm decal on the wall behind it.


Outside he found a rock climbing wall and a basketball court.


He had always wanted to try out a rock climbing wall…


After a light bit of climbing he went back in to finish investigating. The third door in the workout center led to a delightful surprise:


a pair of massage tables…

33 34

and a sauna! With all he had seen so far, no wonder his pied a terre was so expensive…and worth every penny.


Across the lobby he found a nice sized pool, with the pool walls accented by chocolate tile.


A pair of sun chairs and a table set offered an invitation to relax by the pool no matter the weather outside.


Outside he discovered the little gate he saw yesterday led to this sun deck. Apparently plenty of people enjoyed a bask in the sun, for there were several chairs waiting for occupants.


On the very top floor, he found the last of the promised amenities: A Japanese restaurant. Wide pine counter seating and 5 tables provided ample seating for dining.


Off to the left was a bar.

41 42 43

Artwork covered the walls and even the shoji walls had been painted. It was not french work but exquisite none the less.

44 45

Even the bathrooms had decorated shoji and art.
Oliver’s watch beeped reminding him he had somewhere to be…and a life to save…


Floor plans


Roof and gardens


Restaraunt floor


Oliver’s Pied a Terre


Oliver’s floor.


Ground floor


Side view right


Side View Left


Aerial front view day


Front view night. It doesnt show in this picture but there is supposed to be outdoor lights in each of the indented areas.


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