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After I built the house I moved Agnes into it to get pictures. For kicks I decided I’d do this from her point of view. If you’d like to leave helpful critiscm about the writing, please be gentle. I know I’m not very good at it but I will take suggestions.


Agnes was apprehensive as she pulled up to her new home. She had sunk most of her money into this new house, including the money she got from the sale of her last house and all her possessions. Fortunately the new house was fully furnished. For a moment she sat in the cab and studied her new home, reflecting on why she was there.

She had moved from her previous home in Sunset Valley to this one in hopes of breaking the curse on her love life. She had lost her last husband so fast she hadn’t even had time to change her name. And to make matters worse the clingy jerk kept haunting her. Hopefully in this new home, she would be able to start again.


The exterior was a buttery yellow stucco, with white details. A bay window area had been paneled with white stucco and rustic bricking. The walkway was made of warm bricks, like the mailbox. Palm trees grew in the front yard and someone had left them be, choosing instead to put flowerbeds around them.





As she got out, Agnes could smell the exotic flowers from the flowerbeds, laced with the smell of the small cypress trees planted as an accent. There was a low wall fencing off a terrace to the right. She followed the brick path up to the door, smiled at the flowers twining around marble columns, then turned right. A path led to the gate in the terrace fence.





There wasnt even the slightest creak from the wrought metal gate as Agnes opened it. Either it was new, or very well oiled. Either way, she was pleased with the lack of squeak. Nothing worse than hearing that shriek of metal against metal. Almost as bad as her ex husband’s maniacal laughter in the night.

The brick from the walkway was carried over to make up a rather spacious terrace. Off to her left as she stepped through were a pair of glass double doors. She resisted the urge to go inside for the time being. The weather was beautiful and the breeze ideal for exploring the patio. More palm trees grew in two clusters. Like the front yard they had been left in place. Racaria and Peruvian Lily were planted around them. A small fountain topped with a tiki lamp was set between the clusters. Two benches were positioned on either side of the bed, offering a quiet spot to sit and listen to the water tinkle.





A few potted plants were placed between the windows. The flower boxes on the windows held red flowers so cheerful, Agnes had to smile at them. Beyond the fountain and benches, she could see a seating area. Curious she drifted over.



In the seating area she found an entire entertaining set, all perfectly matched around an outdoor fireplace. The deep chocolate wood of the furniture and bars harmonized surprisingly well with the exposed brick and tile of the fence. The fireplace even had the same tile inlaid into it. The emerald-green was, like the flowers, a welcome pop of color against the buff tones. There was another palm tree separating the seating area and what looked like an outdoor kitchen.




It was indeed an outdoor kitchen. There was a wood and chrome table with a glass top. Pale terracotta tiles covered the counter tops. 4 bar stools like the ones in the fireplace seating area were tucked beneath eat at counters. The umbrellas would help keep the sun off the diners, while inset tiki torches lit up the night. Agnes circled around the table, noting the bright brushed steel of the refrigerator, grill and sink. The view from the counter seating was gorgeous.




Agnes turned away from the doors leading into the kitchen and chose to go through the second gate in the fence. She’d finish exploring the outside of her new home before going in. She guessed that the beach would be a five-minute walk from this back gate. She paused outside the gate fence and looked up. There was a balcony up there with a telescope. She had never used a telescope, but it would be fun to learn.




More of those small cypresses were planted along the house wall, situated between another type of window box. The lattice in the windows gave a kind of old world charm. The drape of the plants in the box worked well with the ivy growing on the wall. Yet another palm, a very large one in fact, sat in another flower box. Agnes continued around the corner.



There she found some more of the cypress/ivy combinations. She also found the garage. Perhaps she would get a car with her next raise. It would be nice not to have to call a cab to go everywhere. The driveway was short and paved in the same bricks she found in the front walkway and the back patio.




Having completed her outdoor survey, Agnes was eager to see the inside.

The walls were painted a smooth, soft gold, complimenting the rich wood of the trim and marble floor. Directly across from her she saw jewel toned bottles winking at her from a wall niche. A console table painted bright white sat between two arches. Over it a mirror with matching cinnamon colored wood had been positioned.



Agnes turned back around and spotted two more lit niches she had initially missed. A small flower plant grew out of a bowl of water in one. In the opposite niche, next to the reassuring burglar alarm, there was a marble horse head.




Through the arch on the right Agnes spotted the double doors that had initially tempted her. Giving in, she stepped through to a small home office.

Here the walls were a cozy peach with white stucco work.  A work station with bookshelf took up the right side of the room, beneath the window. She was pleased to note the high-end computer waiting for her, with lots of convenient desk space.




On the other side was another bookshelf opposite wall shelves. Idly Agnes wondered if the real estate agent was going to come back and get the knickknacks on them. She was hoping to fill those herself. There was a second archway leading into the kitchen. Not necessarily a good idea, as it was too easy to end up snacking while working at home. But the curtains on the arches and the door would let her sequester herself if she wanted.



Satisfied with the home office, Agnes went back across the hallway to the living room. The room felt huge, with a 2 story ceiling and many windows letting in the bright sunlight. One wall was done in soft tan brick, just a few shades darker than the wall paint. Instead of one shade of wood, two complimented each other on the floor and the walls.

Against the brick wall Agnes spotted an easel, a stereo and a guitar. She didnt paint or play the guitar, but she could learn. Over the big old-fashioned looking stereo a painting of a Tuscan or French visit glowed softly in its frame. From the color combinations this clearly was the inspiration for the house.



The furnishings were simple, made of aged looking wood and covered with fabric in shades of blue. White curtains hung in the alcove, where a long bench seat begged for lounging. Next to it, opposite the music area, was another seating area.

The focus of this area was the biggest TV she had ever seen. It was nearly as tall as she was. But the big screen would be nice for movies or video games.




On the wall opposite the alcove was a huge canvas painting, carefully spotlighted. Beneath it was a chess set ready for play. Next to it, between 2 more paintings, was a doorway.



The doorway led into a nicely outfitted laundry room. Someone had taken the time to wallpaper it before bringing in the equipment. The shelves were stocked with laundry supplies and there was a sink and a cart for convenience. But Agnes sincerely hoped the that clothes on the cart and in the laundry basket were only props.



Poking her head through the door between the cart and the sink, she found a little powder room. Not the biggest of rooms, but bright and neat.



The third door led her into the garage, where Agnes discovered that she wouldn’t need to worry about buying a car. One had been provided for her. Along with several surf boards, every tool she could possibly need, rope, shiny rims and traffic cones.



Screenshot-74 Screenshot-75


What on earth was she going to do with traffic cones?


Agnes shook her head and went through the other garage door.

The kitchen was like the rest of the house: inviting, bright and welcoming. There was a little eat in area with booth seating along the wall and standard chairs on the other sides. The walls were adorned with framed pictures of Tuscany. A pair of double doors led out to the patio.



The counters were made of mahogany with marble counters. There was not one but two ovens! She wondered what she could make with the wood fired one. Pots and pans hung over the center island. And rugs softened the tile and wood flooring.




Someone had decided to decorate the back splash of the oven and the hood over it. Agnes smiled. This was the most cheerful kitchen. Surely no ghosts would torment her here.




Up the marble and wood stairs, Agnes found she could look over the railing into the great room. The walls here were decorated with more paintings, including another enormous canvas. A door was set in an angled wall, while at the other end of the hallway, behind a potted olive tree, was at least 1 more.







It took going down and around the tree to find the 3rd door. She found that reassuring since she had been told it was a 3 bedroom home.



After a quick session of Eeny Meeny Miney Moe, Agnes went back to the angled door.

Behind it she found the Master Suite.  The large bed would easily accommodate her, and hopefully her next husband. On the left side of the room she saw a privacy screen, which hid a charming little boudoir. Floor mirror, triple wall mirror, candles, marble-topped dresser and table, elegant shelving…It was a romantic area suitable for anyones fairytale day-dream.




Around to the right she found a nother little marble-topped table and the door leading to her private bathroom. Granted it was a little smaller than she had hoped for a Master Bath, but it had all the amenities. The arched walls and rich mahogany wood made it seem very luxurious for its size. Plus there looked to be plenty of towels supplied.




After deciding a bath in her new bathtub was required in the very near future, Agnes went to investigate the next room, the one just past the double doors leading out to the balcony.

The door opened into a room fit for two princesses. Pink, peach, white and purple were the colors in this room. Butterflies, unicorns, dolls and bows proclaimed this to be female territory, where boy things would be considered hostile invaders. Agnes ran her fingers over the pink shelf near the bureau and sighed wistfully before opening the door next to it.




The adjoining bathroom, clearly linking the girls bedroom with the third one, was a bright teal. Pale tan tile alternated with fossils. The counters were playful, vintage style rather than Tuscan or Mediterranean. It suited a bathroom to be shared and used by children. She couldn’t resist giggling at the sight of the octopus sitting between the two sinks. It was a silly touch a kid would appreciate. There were even comics in the magazine rack next to the toilet.




The final bedroom proved to be the boy’s room. Robin’s egg blue, sky blue and white. Giraffes and dragons, pirates and robots. It was a boys heaven, as alien to girl things as boy things were in the other room. There was a toy chest and jerseys proudly displayed on the walls. The bureau was home to a small mirror and a panda bank. She was sure she’d have to replace the horse statue eventually, but it was plastic, so it would hopefully hold out a while.





Satisfied with her new home and the hope it seemed to offer her, Agnes decided it was time for that bath…and maybe a nice drink on the veranda…


Floor Plans



2nd Floor


1st floor



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