BNS 215- 216 One to Grow On

This is my second house. The first one was awesome with a basement garage, but it was WAY over budget, so I threw this one together at the last minute. Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I decided to increase my challenge a little by picking 4 colors and working them in and together through the entire house. I picked Green Thumb, Pale Blue Lily, Seashell White and Lemon Chiffon. I also made an attempt at the shabby chic style.

The house can be downloaded here.

The MacVey’s can be downloaded here.

These are the MacVey’s holding little Catrina in front of their new home.

Screenshot-79Screenshot-80 Screenshot-81 Screenshot-82 Screenshot-83 Screenshot-84

This is Leynard.


This is Sachii.

Here’s the floor plans.

Screenshot-87 Screenshot-88


Screenshot-89 Screenshot-90 Screenshot-91 Screenshot-92

Foyer half bath.

Screenshot-93 Screenshot-94


Screenshot-95 Screenshot-96 Screenshot-97 Screenshot-98

Dining Area

Screenshot-99 Screenshot-100

Living Area

Screenshot-101 Screenshot-102 Screenshot-103

Upstairs hallway. (Sorry about the picture. I couldnt get rid of the odd light reflection.)

Screenshot-104 Screenshot-105

Leynard’s Studio

Screenshot-106 Screenshot-107 Screenshot-108 Screenshot-109


Screenshot-110 Screenshot-111 Screenshot-112

Upstairs Bathroom

Screenshot-113 Screenshot-114

Catrina’s Room when she’s old enough.

Screenshot-115 Screenshot-116 Screenshot-117 Screenshot-118 Screenshot-119

Master Suite

Screenshot-120 Screenshot-121 Screenshot-122 Screenshot-123

Dressing Area

Screenshot-124 Screenshot-125

Master Bath

Screenshot-126 Screenshot-127

Back Patio


Sachii’s Garden



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. linday
    Oct 03, 2013 @ 07:08:25

    Wow, that is huge! You managed to squeeze in so much on that budget! Impressive!


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