One Woman’s Treasure 217-218

You can get the house here.


This is Strawberry Heirloom. I see her as an explorer who has been around the world, tried many different things and is always looking out for the next adventure.




I was not able to get more pictures of her enjoying her home due to game glitching… Sorry.

I chose to do her home in a variety of styles inspired by times or locations, but always going with victorian colorschemes.

This is the entry way.

Screenshot-130 Screenshot-131 Screenshot-132

Here is the dining room, in shades of plum.

Screenshot-133 Screenshot-134 Screenshot-135 Screenshot-136

Across the hall is the music room, in shades of wine reflecting the Art Deco period.

Screenshot-137 Screenshot-138 Screenshot-139

This is the living room, in ultra modern design with shades of pink.

Screenshot-140 Screenshot-141 Screenshot-142 Screenshot-143 Screenshot-144 Screenshot-145

Here is her sitting room, in shades of mauve with Victorian style.

Screenshot-146 Screenshot-147 Screenshot-148 Screenshot-149

Her kitchen is done with a southwestern theme ini shades of yellow.

Screenshot-150 Screenshot-151 Screenshot-152 Screenshot-153 Screenshot-154

Done in green, her study is traditional english style.

Screenshot-156 Screenshot-157 Screenshot-158

Her library however is an homage to Egypt, India and Cambodia.

Screenshot-159 Screenshot-160 Screenshot-161 Screenshot-162

The half bath off the library continues that theme.

Screenshot-163 Screenshot-164

Upstairs hallway.

Screenshot-165 Screenshot-166 Screenshot-167

She spent some time traveling with Gypsies and Circuses, so her first guest bedroom and bathroom reflects those bright, wild years.

Screenshot-168 Screenshot-170 Screenshot-171 Screenshot-172 Screenshot-173 Screenshot-174

The second guest bedroom and bathroom plays with contemporary style and contrasting palettes. Warm woods and tones against shades of grey background.

Screenshot-175 Screenshot-176 Screenshot-177 Screenshot-178 Screenshot-179 Screenshot-180 Screenshot-181 Screenshot-182

Here she is driving her classic convertible.

Screenshot-183 Screenshot-184

Her special room is her gallery, dedicated to the pictures she took in her travels (when cameras were invented) and the trinkets she dug up. (I used a lot of cheat codes to get her to travel to all 3 places in one day.)

Screenshot-185 Screenshot-186 Screenshot-187 Screenshot-188 Screenshot-189 Screenshot-190 Screenshot-192 Screenshot-193

The view from her tiny terrace between her bedroom and her gallery.


Since I feel she originated in victorian times, I did her bedroom and bathroom in that style. Her favorite color is lilac.

Screenshot-195 Screenshot-196 Screenshot-197 Screenshot-198 Screenshot-199 Screenshot-200 Screenshot-201 Screenshot-202 Screenshot-204

Her garage is simple and utilitarian.

Screenshot-206 Screenshot-208 Screenshot-210 Screenshot-211

The pictures of the outside are at sunset. Unfortunately I couldnt get my game to run long enough to get to day time. Sorry.

Screenshot-238Screenshot-239Screenshot-240Screenshot-242Screenshot-218 Screenshot-219 Screenshot-220


Screenshot-221 Screenshot-222 Screenshot-223 Screenshot-224




Screenshot-226 Screenshot-227 Screenshot-228

Formal Garden 1

Screenshot-229 Screenshot-230 Screenshot-231

Formal Garden 2

Screenshot-232 Screenshot-233 Screenshot-234 Screenshot-235 Screenshot-236 Screenshot-237


Screenshot-214 Screenshot-216


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