BNS#229-230 From the Ashes…

After my first office, in an old retail space, experienced death by meteor, I rebuilt on the same lot with a new vision. I wanted the space to fit into a suburban area, or be a welcome respite of green and life in an urban enviornment.


I love Cherry Trees.

Screenshot-374 Screenshot-375

Since my office is situated in the back corner of a lot, I decided to allocate the budget elsewhere, leave that unlandscaped for now.


Screenshot-377 Screenshot-378 Screenshot-379

I went with yellow and white with brick accents for a welcoming look. Large flowering bushes keep a lush feel to gardens without eating up the entire budget.


Cherry trees keep the parking spots from being too noticeable…plus they are so pretty!


Sunset Valley has so many gorgeous days. A seating area makes for a nice place to have consultations…

Screenshot-382 Screenshot-383

…or eat lunch at one of the two little tables. Low flowering plants in similar color schemes tie the two sets of gardens together while keeping them individual. Add some sunflowers on the supporting beams for a pop of color and its a very cheerful place to sit.


Front porch


Side porch with steps leading to the terrace


Porches should have plenty of seating.


With nice views. Ignore me in the picture. Rose didnt warn me she was taking it.


I wanted to show my clients different styles of decorating, but I had very limited space. So I did each room as if they were individual.

This is the entry way and waiting room. I want my clients to feel comfortable and completely at ease when they walk in, so I went for a very homey look. Neutral colors and pops of green for accent.


This is Rose’s work area. One desk to greet clients with, and a second for her computer.


Comfortable seating with plenty of books to read. And a fireplace.


I love fireplaces. They brighten up the gloomiest day and add a wonderful sense of atmosphere.

Screenshot-391 Screenshot-392 Screenshot-393

There’s a small play area for kids, and a bed for Rose’s dog.


The entryway.


This arch leads to the hallway.


Hallway view to the right, leading to my office.


Hallway door to the right at the end is to the kitchen. The door on the right in this picture leads to the bathroom.

I used a Japanese theme in the kitchen.


Screenshot-400 Screenshot-401

In the bathroom I went modern, with plenty of sinks and stalls. (Big families often have synchronized bladders.)

Screenshot-403 Screenshot-404

My office is in contemporary style. My favorite color is red, but blue is a color that soothes and inspires trust.

Screenshot-415Screenshot-406 Screenshot-408 Screenshot-409

Since this is my private bathroom, I used the same style and colors.

Screenshot-410 Screenshot-411 Screenshot-412

And with that, we’re back up and running at Ishtar Architectural Design!


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