Megami Market pt 1

Outside Views

Screenshot-525 Screenshot-526 Screenshot-527 Screenshot-528 Screenshot-529 Screenshot-530 Screenshot-531 Screenshot-532 Screenshot-533 Screenshot-534 Screenshot-535 Screenshot-536 Screenshot-537 Screenshot-538 Screenshot-539 Screenshot-540 Screenshot-541 Screenshot-542 Screenshot-543

Screenshot-591Screenshot-590Screenshot-589Screenshot-588Screenshot-544 Screenshot-545

Living Room

Screenshot-546 Screenshot-547 Screenshot-548 Screenshot-549

Open kitchen. The door is a coat closet.

Screenshot-550 Screenshot-551 Screenshot-552 Screenshot-553

The staircase leads up to an attic. The door on the left is Gin’s room, the one on the right is Persephone’s.


Gin’s room.

Screenshot-555Screenshot-566 Screenshot-556 Screenshot-557 Screenshot-558 Screenshot-559

Persephone’s Room

Screenshot-560 Screenshot-561 Screenshot-562 Screenshot-563

Persephone’s bathroom

Screenshot-564 Screenshot-565

View from Gin’s bedroom windows

Screenshot-567 Screenshot-568

View from Persephone’s windows.

Screenshot-569 Screenshot-570

View from dining nook windows


View from kitchen windows

Screenshot-572 Screenshot-573

The greenhouse

Screenshot-574 Screenshot-575

Potting Shed

Screenshot-576 Screenshot-577 Screenshot-578

Breezeway from the house to the shed. Its hard to see but there is an ornate metal grating in place of a roof. You can see it in the overhead shots.


Overhead shots

Screenshot-580 Screenshot-581 Screenshot-582 Screenshot-583 Screenshot-584 Screenshot-585 Screenshot-586 Screenshot-587


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