The Innkeepers

Scarborough house, outside views

Screenshot-601 Screenshot-602 Screenshot-603 Screenshot-604 Screenshot-605 Screenshot-606 Screenshot-607 Screenshot-608 Screenshot-609 Screenshot-610 Screenshot-611 Screenshot-612 Screenshot-613

Walkway Approach


Screenshot-614 Screenshot-615 Screenshot-616 Screenshot-617 Screenshot-618 Screenshot-619 Screenshot-620

Front Porch


Screenshot-621 Screenshot-622 Screenshot-623 Screenshot-624

Inside, main floor


Screenshot-626 Screenshot-627 Screenshot-628 Screenshot-641


Stairway to Innkeepers Quarters


Elevator to Basement and 2nd floor, Powder Room


Office Nook


Lounge, main floor

Screenshot-625 Screenshot-629 Screenshot-630 Screenshot-631

Dining Room, main floor

Screenshot-632 Screenshot-633 Screenshot-634

Kitchen, Main Floor

Screenshot-635 Screenshot-636 Screenshot-637 Screenshot-638 Screenshot-640

Back Deck



Screenshot-648 Screenshot-649 Screenshot-650

Yoga Room

Screenshot-651 Screenshot-652

Laundry Room

Screenshot-653 Screenshot-654

Gym Bathroom

Screenshot-655 Screenshot-656


Screenshot-657 Screenshot-658

Game Room

Screenshot-659 Screenshot-660

2nd Floor Landing

Screenshot-661 Screenshot-663

Landing with Private Elevator to 3rd floor Honeymoon Suite


3rd Floor hallway

Screenshot-664 Screenshot-665 Screenshot-666

Guest Bedroom 1

Screenshot-667 Screenshot-668 Screenshot-669

Guest Bath 1

Screenshot-670 Screenshot-671 Screenshot-672 Screenshot-673

Guest Bedroom 2

Screenshot-674 Screenshot-675 Screenshot-676

Guest Bathroom 2

Screenshot-677 Screenshot-678 Screenshot-679

Premium Suite

Screenshot-680 Screenshot-681 Screenshot-682 Screenshot-683

Premium Suite Private Balcony

Screenshot-684 Screenshot-685 Screenshot-686

Premium Suite Bathroom

Screenshot-687 Screenshot-688 Screenshot-689

Guest Room 3


Screenshot-690 Screenshot-691

Guest Bath 3


Screenshot-692 Screenshot-693

Honeymoon Suite Elevator, accessible only with the Room Key



Honeymoon Suite

Screenshot-696 Screenshot-697 Screenshot-698 Screenshot-699 Screenshot-700

Honeymoon Suite, Dressing Room

Screenshot-701 Screenshot-702 Screenshot-703

Honeymoon Suite Bathroom

Screenshot-704 Screenshot-705 Screenshot-706 Screenshot-707 Screenshot-708

Innkeepers Quarters, Landing

Screenshot-709 Screenshot-710

Innkeepers Quarters, Main Room


Screenshot-711 Screenshot-712 Screenshot-713 Screenshot-721 Screenshot-722

Innkeepers Quarters, Bedroom


Screenshot-715 Screenshot-716 Screenshot-717

Innkeepers Quarters, Bathroom

Screenshot-718 Screenshot-719 Screenshot-720

Basement level Garage

Screenshot-723 Screenshot-724 Screenshot-725

Basement level, Lobby, Elevator to Main floor and 2nd Floor


Screenshot-726 Screenshot-728

Basement Pub/ Fun Room


Screenshot-729 Screenshot-730 Screenshot-731 Screenshot-732 Screenshot-733 Screenshot-734 Screenshot-735 Screenshot-736 Screenshot-737

Basement Massage Room

Screenshot-738 Screenshot-739

Basement Spa Room

Screenshot-740 Screenshot-741

I know I forgot the overhead views, but I didn’t have time to go back and get them before leaving on a weekend trip. Will add when I return.


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