BNS 163 Life after Uni

Exterior Shots

Screenshot-743 Screenshot-744 Screenshot-745 Screenshot-746 Screenshot-747 Screenshot-748 Screenshot-749 Screenshot-756Screenshot-750 Screenshot-751



Screenshot-752 Screenshot-753 Screenshot-754 Screenshot-755

Overhead Shots

Screenshot-757 Screenshot-758 Screenshot-759

Living Area

Screenshot-760 Screenshot-761 Screenshot-762 Screenshot-763 Screenshot-764 Screenshot-765 Screenshot-766 Screenshot-767 Screenshot-768 Screenshot-769 Screenshot-770

Master Bedroom

Screenshot-771 Screenshot-772 Screenshot-773

Master Bath

Screenshot-774 Screenshot-775 Screenshot-776


Screenshot-777 Screenshot-778


Screenshot-779 Screenshot-780

Guest Bedroom

Screenshot-781 Screenshot-782 Screenshot-783

Guest Bath

Screenshot-784 Screenshot-785


Screenshot-786 Screenshot-789 Screenshot-790


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