BNS 165 Ryunoten, Attorneys at Law

Overhead shots

Screenshot-791 Screenshot-792 Screenshot-793

Front entrance


Screenshot-794 Screenshot-796

Screenshot-798 Screenshot-799

Foyer/ Reception/ Waiting room

Screenshot-800 Screenshot-801 Screenshot-802 Screenshot-803

East Hallway

The door at the end of the hallway is Evangeline’s private entrance.

Screenshot-804 Screenshot-805 Screenshot-806


Screenshot-807 Screenshot-808 Screenshot-809 Screenshot-810 Screenshot-811

Michael and Evangeline’s private bathroom

Screenshot-812 Screenshot-813 Screenshot-814

Michael’s Office

Screenshot-815 Screenshot-816 Screenshot-817

Evangeline’s Office

Screenshot-818 Screenshot-819 Screenshot-820 Screenshot-821

West Hallway

Screenshot-822 Screenshot-823 Screenshot-831

Conference Room

Screenshot-824 Screenshot-825 Screenshot-826 Screenshot-827

Kitchen/ Lunch Room

Screenshot-828 Screenshot-829 Screenshot-830

Men’s Bathroom

Screenshot-832 Screenshot-833

Women’s Bathroom

Screenshot-834 Screenshot-835

Building Sides

Screenshot-836 Screenshot-837


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