BNS166 Alien Encounters

First modern build in a long time. Outside views. All pictures can be clicked on for larger sizes.

Screenshot-838 Screenshot-839 Screenshot-840 Screenshot-841

This one is one of the secret exits.

Screenshot-842 Screenshot-843 Screenshot-844 Screenshot-845

Entry way


Interior, first level. Color scheme throughout the build is medium grey, platinum grey, chrome and blue.

Screenshot-847 Screenshot-848 Screenshot-849 Screenshot-850 Screenshot-851 Screenshot-852Screenshot-855

1st floor half bath and laundry

Screenshot-853 Screenshot-854

Back porch, 1st level

Screenshot-856 Screenshot-857Screenshot-859 Screenshot-860

Basement Master Suite

Screenshot-861 Screenshot-862 Screenshot-863 There is a secret exit behind the fireplace/tv combo. Fireplace slides to the side and exit leads through the foundation. (Or at least that’s what I tried to represent. Wish it worked.)

Master Bath

Screenshot-869 Screenshot-870Screenshot-871 Screenshot-872Screenshot-873 Screenshot-874Secret exit between the two wardrobes. Screenshot-875

Retinal scanner and secret door hidden behind mirrors that leads to the treasure room


Back porch, basement floor

Screenshot-864 Screenshot-865

Back yard terraces

Screenshot-866 Screenshot-867 Screenshot-868

Secret elevator, leading to the treasure room.

Screenshot-879 Screenshot-880 Screenshot-881 Screenshot-882 Screenshot-883

Overhead Shots

Screenshot-884 Screenshot-885 Screenshot-886 Screenshot-887


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