2017 Write ups


One of the best parts of this job was how frequently you got to meet new, and interesting people. Your latest client, Mallory Abbot, is no exception.

A short young lady with a cheerful smile, accented by a lip ring, sits across from you. She bubbles with an excitement and enthusiasm that couldn’t help but charm you. Repeatedly she brushes her remarkably long hair, dark brown with two blonde streaks in the front, back over her shoulders.

“So, yeah. This is my first real home. I’ve always lived in apartments and I’m so looking forward to being able to stay in my own place for longer than a minute.” She said happily. “I’m new to the town and I’ve heard from a TON of people that you’re the person to see when it comes to starting out.”

You smile with pleasure, always delighted to hear that people are talking about your work. “I might have a little bit of experience with it.”

She giggles, “Oh jeez.”

“So what would you like in a home?” You inquire, clicking your pen.

“Well, I don’t have a big budget. But I’d really love to have 2 bedrooms. I have 3 cats, so I need room for them to roam. I have a few friends who might move in with me later, so I need space for the house to get bigger. I also like to cook so a decent kitchen would be great. I’m a streamer so I need an office.”

“A streamer?” you ask, a little confused. The pictures that pop up in your head are…odd to say the least.

“I live stream games on Twitch.tv under the name Zer0Doxy. I also make videos for Youtube. People come and watch me play and hangout in chat. Its how I pay my bills.” She explains with the patience of someone whose had to explain this a lot. Then proudly she states, “My chat is the best chat in the world. Anyway, I need a great office where I can stream and make videos. Here’s the complicated part: my haunted computer just finally fried itself. I need a new one to fit into the budget.”

“And what exactly is your budget?”

Real Talk: We’re doing something really unique for you guys this time around. Zer0Doxy is an actual live streamer who plays a lot of Sims, as well as other games. We’ve made arrangements with her to have the builds submitted for this challenge featured on one of her live streams! We will be sure to post when the live stream will be so that everyone can be there as she looks at your creations.  Because its a little different, PLEASE BE SURE TO SAY WHETHER YOU WANT YOUR CREATION SHOWN ON STREAM OR NOT ON YOUR ENTRY FORM. If you don’t say one way or another, it will be counted in the Do Not Show on Stream category.


Sims3: $16,500   Sims 4: $20,000. (These are the starting budgets for the games for one Sim.)

2 bedroom

At least 1 bath


New Computer

Good kitchen

Good sized lot for future expansion.




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