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Megami Market pt 1

Outside Views

Screenshot-525 Screenshot-526 Screenshot-527 Screenshot-528 Screenshot-529 Screenshot-530 Screenshot-531 Screenshot-532 Screenshot-533 Screenshot-534 Screenshot-535 Screenshot-536 Screenshot-537 Screenshot-538 Screenshot-539 Screenshot-540 Screenshot-541 Screenshot-542 Screenshot-543

Screenshot-591Screenshot-590Screenshot-589Screenshot-588Screenshot-544 Screenshot-545

Living Room

Screenshot-546 Screenshot-547 Screenshot-548 Screenshot-549

Open kitchen. The door is a coat closet.

Screenshot-550 Screenshot-551 Screenshot-552 Screenshot-553

The staircase leads up to an attic. The door on the left is Gin’s room, the one on the right is Persephone’s.


Gin’s room.

Screenshot-555Screenshot-566 Screenshot-556 Screenshot-557 Screenshot-558 Screenshot-559

Persephone’s Room

Screenshot-560 Screenshot-561 Screenshot-562 Screenshot-563

Persephone’s bathroom

Screenshot-564 Screenshot-565

View from Gin’s bedroom windows

Screenshot-567 Screenshot-568

View from Persephone’s windows.

Screenshot-569 Screenshot-570

View from dining nook windows


View from kitchen windows

Screenshot-572 Screenshot-573

The greenhouse

Screenshot-574 Screenshot-575

Potting Shed

Screenshot-576 Screenshot-577 Screenshot-578

Breezeway from the house to the shed. Its hard to see but there is an ornate metal grating in place of a roof. You can see it in the overhead shots.


Overhead shots

Screenshot-580 Screenshot-581 Screenshot-582 Screenshot-583 Screenshot-584 Screenshot-585 Screenshot-586 Screenshot-587

BNS #231-232 Nature’s Child


I love walking through the woods. It makes me feel at home, at peace with myself to be surrounded by Nature, whom I see as my mother. She loves us, and will provide, if only we ask, we look…


I cross the road to look at my new home. Its barely visible between the trees but the pathway looks nice…inviting even…

Screenshot-427 Screenshot-428 Screenshot-429 Screenshot-430

Poppies and hardy heather anchor my path, making it seem kind of fairy tale like.


Amongst the trees I can see low growing wild flowers in spots where the sun shines through. Mother will adjust the trees and flowers as she feels fit, but for now they look like quiet glades. Tear will enjoy flitting amongst the trees.


Field stone foundation…this will last for many years… “Tear, remind me to put in some solar panels after the next art show.”

Screenshot-433 Screenshot-434

My garden, just as requested. Mother Nature provides, but I dont like to stress out her natural reserves if I can help myself as well. I hear there are bee boxes to be had now. Perhaps I should get some. Between my garden and the hunting I can do in the mountains, honey will add to the flavor nicely. Mother provides.


Nice roses.


Foyer huh? Nice woodwork. Good stone floors. Lots of space.


My sketch, Siren.


And my painting, Isis. Nice to see my art hanging in my home.

Screenshot-439 Screenshot-440

Laundry room. Its small, but functional. I dont need much.

Screenshot-441 Screenshot-442

Space for my SUV. “Tear, we need to get a recycling bin…”


Upper foyer? Looks like a small deck out there.


More of my art work. Undine, a sketch, and Ombria in Shadow, my painting.


Good. Second door will keep the warmth in.


“Looks like a comfortable home, my sister.” I rub Tears chest feathers as she caws back to me. The living room looks spacious and the fire place will make for warmth in winter without running the heater too much.


Nice view. Like being in a tree house.


Above the fireplace is “Dark Ethereal”, another of my paintings.


And over the TV,  “Crossing the Stream”.


“That must lead outside sister. Looks like there are lots of ways for you to go outside.” I see a sparkle of light out of the corner of my eye. Tear has taken her fey form.  I watch as she wanders around the fireplace, her long dark hair falling between the raven wings protruding from her back. My half sister, and my best and only friend.


“Lots of seating too,” she calls. I come around the corner.


My painting, Selene, hangs above the second fireplace. Yes, lots of warmth in winter.


“Found your bed,” I tell her, though it wont matter. She’ll simply climb into bed with me if she wants to. Mostly in winter.

Screenshot-455 Screenshot-456

“Big kitchen.”  Herbs on the counter near a long set of windows, stone countertops. I like the imprint of the fossil leaves.

Screenshot-458 Screenshot-459 Screenshot-460 Screenshot-461 Screenshot-462

“Here’s the deck.” I tell Tear, as she’s investigating her perch.


An easel and table out here? Nice touch. I like painting in the open.


I note the door to the bedroom. Lots of ways out to nature, or to let Mother in. This place begins to feel like home…


Of course the view hardly sucks…


That must be my studio.

Screenshot-467 Screenshot-468

Drafting table…


Desk, already complete with sketch pad.


And another easel.


A small deck, but at least there’s a nice place to sit…


And a lovely view.


The bedroom is spacious, but not cavernous. Thats good. Hard to heat a cavern.

Screenshot-474 Screenshot-475

Two more of my pieces, the Return of Persephone and the Owl Queen.

Screenshot-476 Screenshot-477 Screenshot-478

Blue fits a big bathroom like this. Even with sharing it with Tear on occaision, I wont feel cramped in here.

Screenshot-479 Screenshot-480 Screenshot-481 Screenshot-482

And there, the last of my paintings, Steel Lily.

Back out in the living room I find Tear, back in Raven form, perched and already dozing.  I cant help but smile. We’ll be happy here. Just the two of us…


Main floor plan


Entry floor plan


Aerial view of the lot. Had to zoom way out to show the trees.




Waterfall side


Back side


Tree Side


Wild horses have come to visit Xantha and Tear!


Even a deer!


“Tear would you just come on?”


Xantha and Tear


Tear on her perch


Xantha cooking breakfast.


Xantha and Tear chatting.


Xantha gardening.

BNS#229-230 From the Ashes…

After my first office, in an old retail space, experienced death by meteor, I rebuilt on the same lot with a new vision. I wanted the space to fit into a suburban area, or be a welcome respite of green and life in an urban enviornment.


I love Cherry Trees.

Screenshot-374 Screenshot-375

Since my office is situated in the back corner of a lot, I decided to allocate the budget elsewhere, leave that unlandscaped for now.


Screenshot-377 Screenshot-378 Screenshot-379

I went with yellow and white with brick accents for a welcoming look. Large flowering bushes keep a lush feel to gardens without eating up the entire budget.


Cherry trees keep the parking spots from being too noticeable…plus they are so pretty!


Sunset Valley has so many gorgeous days. A seating area makes for a nice place to have consultations…

Screenshot-382 Screenshot-383

…or eat lunch at one of the two little tables. Low flowering plants in similar color schemes tie the two sets of gardens together while keeping them individual. Add some sunflowers on the supporting beams for a pop of color and its a very cheerful place to sit.


Front porch


Side porch with steps leading to the terrace


Porches should have plenty of seating.


With nice views. Ignore me in the picture. Rose didnt warn me she was taking it.


I wanted to show my clients different styles of decorating, but I had very limited space. So I did each room as if they were individual.

This is the entry way and waiting room. I want my clients to feel comfortable and completely at ease when they walk in, so I went for a very homey look. Neutral colors and pops of green for accent.


This is Rose’s work area. One desk to greet clients with, and a second for her computer.


Comfortable seating with plenty of books to read. And a fireplace.


I love fireplaces. They brighten up the gloomiest day and add a wonderful sense of atmosphere.

Screenshot-391 Screenshot-392 Screenshot-393

There’s a small play area for kids, and a bed for Rose’s dog.


The entryway.


This arch leads to the hallway.


Hallway view to the right, leading to my office.


Hallway door to the right at the end is to the kitchen. The door on the right in this picture leads to the bathroom.

I used a Japanese theme in the kitchen.


Screenshot-400 Screenshot-401

In the bathroom I went modern, with plenty of sinks and stalls. (Big families often have synchronized bladders.)

Screenshot-403 Screenshot-404

My office is in contemporary style. My favorite color is red, but blue is a color that soothes and inspires trust.

Screenshot-415Screenshot-406 Screenshot-408 Screenshot-409

Since this is my private bathroom, I used the same style and colors.

Screenshot-410 Screenshot-411 Screenshot-412

And with that, we’re back up and running at Ishtar Architectural Design!

Jingle Bells

German Craftsman style home with barn, 2 bed, 2 bath, eat in kitchen, dining room, living room, and spare room. Predominate colors are gold and white with accents of silver, red and green. I will put the pictures into some semblance of order tomorrow.Screenshot-296 Screenshot-297 Screenshot-298 Screenshot-299 Screenshot-300 Screenshot-301 Screenshot-302 Screenshot-303 Screenshot-304 Screenshot-305 Screenshot-306 Screenshot-307 Screenshot-308 Screenshot-309 Screenshot-310 Screenshot-311 Screenshot-312 Screenshot-313 Screenshot-314 Screenshot-315 Screenshot-316 Screenshot-317 Screenshot-318 Screenshot-319 Screenshot-320 Screenshot-321 Screenshot-322 Screenshot-323 Screenshot-324 Screenshot-325 Screenshot-326 Screenshot-327 Screenshot-328 Screenshot-329 Screenshot-330 Screenshot-331 Screenshot-332 Screenshot-333 Screenshot-334 Screenshot-335 Screenshot-336 Screenshot-337 Screenshot-338 Screenshot-339 Screenshot-340 Screenshot-341 Screenshot-342 Screenshot-343 Screenshot-344 Screenshot-345 Screenshot-346 Screenshot-347 Screenshot-348 Screenshot-349 Screenshot-350 Screenshot-351 Screenshot-352 Screenshot-353 Screenshot-354 Screenshot-355 Screenshot-356 Screenshot-357 Screenshot-358 Screenshot-359 Screenshot-360 Screenshot-361 Screenshot-362 Screenshot-363 Screenshot-364 Screenshot-365 Screenshot-366 Screenshot-367 Screenshot-368 Screenshot-369 Screenshot-370 Screenshot-371

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